Surface Cleaner Size

When choosing a surface cleaner, many customers automatically assume that bigger is better. Well, we all know the problem with making assumptions. The most important part to consider is the pressure washer you are using to power the surface cleaner.  If your high pressure washer is not powerful enough it will not be effective. Gallons per minute and pressure are both factors but the max gallons per minute are more essential to cleaning. For example, a 2500 PSI 3 Gallon Per Minute washer will not clean as effectively as a 2500 PSI 4 Gallon Per Minute washer. A general rule of thumb is that the diameter of the surface cleaner should not be more than 4-5 inches per gallon per minute.  Below are examples:


4 Gallon Per Minute Washer will work best with a 16"-20" Surface Cleaner

We recommend the General 18" or 20" Cleaner

18" General Pump

20" General Pump


6 Gallon Per Minute Washer will work best with a 24"-30" Surface Cleaner

We recommend the 24"Easy Glide Stainless or the Whisper Wash 28"


24" Easy Glide Surface Cleaner

Big Guy 28" Surface Cleaner


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