AR Parts Chart

23rd Aug 2016

If you need parts for an Annovi Reverberi, AR Pressure Washer Pump, please check out our chart below. The part numbers in gray are available on our website. Just click on the part number for a direct link to the part. As you will notice, many pump models are listed more than once. They are listed multiple times because there are different versions. For example, the XWA pump has some versions that require 20mm plungers and some that require 22mm plungers. We encourage you to contact us if you need any help at all in ordering pressure washer pump parts. We are happy to assist our customers with product selection.

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We are a Retail, Sales, Repair and Rental Center. Our staff has years of experience in the pressure washer industry. We are located in Gainesville GA and are open Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m

We sell pressure washers, pressure washer parts and pressure washer accessories. We are an authorized retail center for Mi-T-M, BE Pressure, General Pump, Annovi Reverberi AR, Pressure Pro, Graco, Titan, Wagner, Airlessco.

Pump ModelPlunger DiameterWater SealsCheck ValvesOil SealsPiston KitPiston GuideSupport RingsHot Kit
RMV/ALUM12MMAR2235AR2233 AR2236 AR2234 AR2840561


RMV/BRASS12MM AR42122 AR42123 AR2236 AR2234 AR2840540


RMW/ALUM12MM AR2235AR 2233 AR2236 AR2234 AR2840561


RRV15MM AR42556 AR1828 AR42555 AR2544 AR3220140


AR2191 N/A
RSV15MM AR2189 AR2186 AR2188 AR2187 AR1981570 AR2191 N/A
SJV15MM AR2167 AR2869 AR2591 AR2513 AR1981570 N/A N/A
XJW15MM AR2167 AR2869 AR2591 AR2796 AR1981570 N/A N/A
XMA/XMV15MM AR2741 AR1864 AR2786


AR2544 AR1780090B

AR1780100 T

AR2740 AR2776V
XTA/XTV15MMAR2520 AR1864 AR1872


AR2628 AR1260151 AR1520120 AR2815
RC/RCA18MM AR42469 AR2186 AR42468


AR42467 AR3200120 T

AR3200130 B

AR2745 N/A
RCV18MM AR42476 AR2186AR42474 AR42467 AR3200120 T

AR3200130 B

AR2745 N/A
RK/RKA/RKV18MM AR1857 AR2864 AR1855 AR2546 AR1380090 AR1829 AR42213
RR/RRA18MM AR42549 AR2864 AR42555-E


AR2864 AR3200120 T

AR3200130 B

AR2745 N/A
RW18MM 42171 AR2864 AR2873 AR2548 AR42172 AR1829 N/A
SHP18MM AR2874 AR2185 AR2873 AR2548 AR2875 AR1941190 N/A
SXW/SXWA18MM AR2874 AR2871 AR2873 AR2548 AR42120 AR1941190 F

AR1941350 R

XMA18MM AR2747 AR1864 AR2786-N ver AR2545 AR1780110 B

AR1780120 T

AR2745 AR2777 V
XTA18MM AR1874 AR1864 AR1872


AR2629 AR1320351 AR1320340 AR2816
RK/RKA20MM AR1887 AR2864 AR1855-N ver AR2547 AR1380150 AR1815 AR2820 V
XW/XWA20MM AR2782 AR2780 AR2781 AR2542 AR2784 N/A AR2778 V
RKA22MM AR1888 AR2864 AR1855-N ver AR2759 AR1380160 AR1816 AR2811 V
XW/XWA22MM AR2783 AR2780 AR2781 AR2759 AR1380160 AR1816 AR2811 V
RMW/BRASS 12MM AR42122 AR42123 AR2236 AR42161 AR2840540 T

AR2840090 B