Choosing a Pump

How to Choose A Replacement Pump

Knowing the correct dimensions and choosing a pump that will work well with your engine are very important.  Let us help you through the process...

1st. Axial or Triplex? Axial pumps are generally found on lighter duty washers and triplex pumps are on commercial washers and feature more durable parts such as ceramic plungers.

2nd. How is it mounted? Pumps may either be mounted horizontally or vertically. Horizontal shaft pumps will be mounted next to the engine while vertical shaft pumps will be mounted under the engine. 

3rd. Measure the shaft. We have our pumps listed by mounting position and shaft size. Be sure to measure the size carefully to be sure that your new pump will fit correctly.

4th. Match the pump ratings. You need to determine the PSI and GPM of the pump you are replacing. If you still have your owner's manual you may want to take a look to see the minimum and maximum ratings.  You are looking for something to be in the correct range because you don't want to purchase a new pump that is not compatible with your engine.

5th. Personal Preference. This last choice is something the consumer does have control over. Decide if you are looking for a cheap pump or a highly rated pump.  Do you have a particular brand name in mind?  Do you want a pump that is bare or one that is already complete with a new thermal relief valve, unloader, chemical injector, quick connects and is ready to go?  


Still unsure?

We want our customers to be confident about their purchase and receive a pump that is the right fit for the washer. If ever in doubt, it is always better to ask and purchase the right pump the first time. We are here to help!